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What is Sugaring Hair Removal?

Sugaring is an all natural form of hair removal, made with three simple ingredients, sugar, water & lemon! This sugar paste is the most effective gentle form of hair removal that is great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. You can never burn with this paste AND compared to regular waxing, it helps minimize hair breakage, ingrown, and irritation afterwards!

Brazilian Sugaring

Sugaring Hair Removal

The Brazilian Sugaring Hair Removal service is the most popular service, perfect for those looking for a longer lasting and more comfortable hair removal experience. Sugared N' More uses a natural sugar paste to gently remove unwanted hair from the bikini area with precision and minimal discomfort. With regular treatments, you can achieve smooth, hairless skin with no irritation.


Most Natural Hair Removal Service

Facial Wax & Tint

Sugared N' More offers tinting services to deepen the color of your eyebrows or lashes. We also provide facial waxing services to remove unwanted hairs from the upper lip and brows. All of our services are performed with the utmost care and attention to detail to make sure you leave feeling confident and beautiful.


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